Monday, November 7, 2011

Better Late Then Never....

As promised I said that I would post our halloween costumes from last Monday. My week got away from me, so it's a little late. Hubby didn't dress-up but me and the girls were a puppy, kitty, and a mouse!

T was a little (leopard) kitty, I bought her costume at Costco. (Next year my goal is to make all the costumes....) The night before halloween I threw together some mouse ears and a tail for myself. Add a grey shirt and some facepaint and I had a nice easy costume.

I didn't make S's costume (I got it off a garage sale site), but I am sure it's homemade. She was a cute little pink puppy. I wanted to paint on a nose but she wouldn't let me. A detail I added was to put a sign on her treat pail saying 'puppy chow'.

Once again hubby and I set aside an evening to carve jack-o-lanterns (a tradition I mentioned in this post). Usually we just do one pumpkin each, hubby and I. But this year we decided to do one each for the girls too. This is what we came up with:

And I can't help myself but to share my little nephews costume. My sister made this costume for him. Isn't he the cutest little Garden Gnome??

Although we never got to see him in person the pictures she sent are priceless. (and I asked her if I could share one with all of you) She used felt for the hat, faux fur for the beard, used his normal clothes (stuffed his belly with fluff), and she made the little suspenders. SO CUTE!! He might have to model this for us at Christmas...

So that was our halloween!

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  1. SUPER FUN!! Love all of your costumes...and WOW!, Thia is getting so big!


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