Wednesday, November 2, 2011

DIY Dry Erase Board

As part of the craft room re-organize project, I wanted to make a DIY erase board that people have been doing all over blog land. It's a great and simple concept. Get a frame with glass in it, put scrapbook paper in the frame, draw on the glass. Easy Peasy!

I wanted it to coincide with the colors of my craft space (I decided on blue,red, and green), so I chose a paper from my stash that you color in with pencil crayons. A super way to get the exact colors you want....and it's lined so it is perfect for this project!

I made a little pennant banner out of paper and ribbon to add some flare and a dimensional element to the outside of the frame.

Like I said, easy peasy! It was nice that I had a 12x12 frame kickin' around, that made it even easier since I didn't have to cut the main paper to fit!

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  1. I loooove making these...and they are wonderful gifts, too! I really like how you were able to customize your paper...the possibilities are endless! :)


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