Sunday, July 21, 2013

insta-pics #52

If you follow me on instagram (justkerr) you might have seen that hubby was working on my computer last week. He gave it a complete overhaul- new hard drive, new operating system. A little daunting but I've slowly been getting used to it. I can no longer use my normal photo editing program (I had been using picasa but google has no support for my newer ubuntu system, errr!) so I am trying out Picmonkey (which I have used on occasion). I thought I would try out this new style of collage for instapics, highlighting one picture but still showing some others. Your thoughts? Anyways on to the deets:

1. I broke the glass on this shadowbox and was going to drop it off at take it or leave it. But then I came up with the idea to transform it into a necklace and bracelet holder. So glad I didn't get rid of it!
2. Bought a brand new afghan at a garage sale for $5. Love the colors and it's huge!
3. The girls enjoying ice cream at my parents cabin.
4. T being silly pretending to sleep in the shopping cart.
5. Love this guy.
6. One rainy afternoon S and I painted together at the kitchen table while T was napping. I finished my painting and will share with you soon.

Happy Sunday!

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