Wednesday, July 17, 2013

For a sweet lil baby


When I was at home (meaning my parents...home is where your mother is? right.), I was able to attend my friends baby shower. It was her first baby and I was so excited for her when she had her sweet baby girl. I wanted to make her something special. I had seen this project from midwestern girl and pinned it quite awhile ago waiting for the perfect opportunity to whip it up. And this was my chance! I called my friend to see what color scheme she had went with in the baby's room, I didn't want to be totally off with my colors. And she said pink and grey, perfect!

It was as simple as using a butterfly punch on an array of papers, lining them up on a background sheet, adhering each one with a gluedot and propping up the wings (if you use a shadowbox, otherwise they would be flat). I wrote out babies name in pencil and then hand stitched over top. And stuck it in the frame. 
I absolutely love how it turned out!

I also made her a Baby Moments Pail. This time I used washi tape instead of paper (inspired by a friend who had made pails up for teachers gifts, filled with goodies. Thanks Candace!). Check out my other pail here. Again I stuck with the main color scheme of grey and pink.


Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Awwww - what a sweet baby girl!! Love the gifts that you made for your friend, and I'm sure that she loved them too! The Baby Moments Pail is a brilliant idea...I'll have to remember this the next time that I'm invited to a shower!


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