Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Beach Canvas

Well we are back from my parents place, we had a great holiday. Spending time at my parents cabin is so enjoyable, especially for the girls, they love the beach! 

My parents have been busy renovating the inside of the cabin this spring and are finally done (I think). It was my moms birthday at the end of May so I owed her a gift. Along with a scarf from NYC I did up the canvas above to go on a wall of the cabin. A suitable saying don't ya think?

To transfer the letters I tried a technique that I've never done before. I printed out a mirror image on to normal printer paper, put it face down on fresh paint, pressed so it was flat and bubble free and let dry. Once it was dry I used water to wash/rub the paper off. It took FOREVER and it DIDN'T work! I thought this would be faster than painting on the letters, boy was I wrong. I ended up rubbing off parts of each letter and it was looking pretty rough. So I decided to just rub off what I could then painted each letter overtop. It did turn out and the left over paper adds a nice texture, but it was way to much work. Anyways my mom liked it, so that was all that mattered.

After that rant I'll leave you with a sweet picture of the girlies with their creation (with some help from the adults).

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. What a great gift for your parent's the canvas!!! Also, the pic of the girls and their sand castle is just should have it enlarged and framed to hang in their cabin as well! :)


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