Friday, May 31, 2013

Scrabble Decor

Confession time, hubby and I are huge nerds! 
Whenever we want a tv free night after the kids are asleep we play scrabble (I know l-a-m-e). 
What's even worse is that he usually beats me despite my greatest efforts.

So when I found an old scrabble game at a garage sale for 50 cents I knew that I wanted to make a family name display. I cut out the game board to fit into a wooden frame that I already had and adhered the tiles with my glue gun.

It has found a home in my living room and I love it. 
It definitely adds to my eclectic style.

I also made another wall hanging recently for the playroom downstairs. 
If you follow me on facebook you may have already seen the footprint art I made myself for Mothers day. Using both girls feet I made sweet butterflies on a canvas and wrote on one of my favorite quotes.

Happy Friday! 

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  1. Hi, Justine!! Well I am finally on summer break, so I can now work on getting caught up on reading and leaving comments on my favorite blogs. (So sorry that I have been AWOL for a while!) Anyhoo...I reeeeally love your Scrabble artwork! Funny thing is that my hubby and I also enjoy playing Scrabble - LOL! Guess that makes us all nerds - ha!ha!ha! I actually just mentioned to him last night that we haven't had time to play a game of Scrabble in a long, long time, and that we needed to get the board out for a game soon! Also, super cute footprint art - that is one to be cherished forever! :) HAVE a GREAT week!


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