Thursday, May 16, 2013

welcome to our home: S's room

Number two in my home tour series, S's room or what I call the BIG big girl room.
I did end up getting her a new bedspread (bought it at my favorite store, Homesense). I just love how it adds so much color to the space. Even so I plan on painting the wall that the bed is on. 
Anyways this is it for now, have a look!

Recognize the curtains? from here.

The closet is one of my favorite parts!

The left hand side is a display for all the dress up clothes. 
As well the two bins are filled with accessories, shoes, hats etc.

The right hand side I made into a cozy reading nook. 
Complete with a large body pillow, cushions and a push light. I decorated with tinker bell decals just to make the space more fun. And S loves it!

More on the large painting here
Rainbow heart art here
Nightstand and stool redo here.

You can check out her old bedroom from the last house here and here.
(I still miss those bright blue walls and the owl decals)

Happy Thursday!

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