Friday, August 3, 2012

T's to tanks

  I have had a bag of clothes needing to be altered sitting in my craft room for quite sometime. When I stumbled upon this tutorial on pinterest from Wobisobi. It inspired me to get some of those old shirts out that were screaming for a new life. The top picture is using one of  Anne's tutorials the  three braid racer back tank. For the next two I just took the scissors to some shirts and made some easy tank-tops no sewing required.
(I did make the easy halter top too, from wobisobi, but forgot to take before pics.)

This next one was inspired by cotton and curls who refashioned a mens polo shirt 
so the buttons would be in the back.

I have another one that I altered but it required more than just cutting with scissors. 
I'll  share it with you soon! 
By the way, can you believe it's already August??! Where has the summer gone?

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