Sunday, August 26, 2012

insta-pics #24

1. Was pleasantly surprised in Walmart last week, bought the Hunger Games and had a movie night.
2. My mom-in-law rounded up some fresh veggies from her garden for us, so yummy!
3. Crazy hair... gel of choice/ styling agent = chili.
4. Kitchen table has been taken over.
5. My sweeties.
6. We got a little friend in the mail this week (post coming soon).
7. On Thursday, the girls and I had a day in the city with my mom-in-law. We went shopping and spent some time at the zoo. Lucy the elephant was out for a walk and we got a close-up look.
8. The best breakfast ever. Saw this idea on the show 'Eat Street': make French Toast out of a hotdog bun and fill it with breakfest sausage, pour on syrup (like you would ketchup) and eat like a hotdog....yeah it's amazing! (just don't look at the calorie count, haha)
9. Playing at the park yesterday, T once again was being a monkey and started climbing a ladder. She is my wild child!

Happy Sunday!

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  1. The french toast/sausage hot dog is a BRILLIANT idea!! Why didn't I think of that?!?!? LOL! :)


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