Sunday, August 19, 2012

insta-pics #23

1. Nothin'makes a piggy face quite like squishing your nose against glass,  haha.
2. Found this adorable vintage 2 piece set for S at the thrift store.
3. I was able to spend some time drawing in my sketchbook! This saying has been in my head lately so it inspired this little doodle.
4. Added a couple more kids to my crew and we had an afternoon in the kiddie pool. Of course we had to stop for a  popsicle break.
5. The fair came to town and S was finally tall enough to go on the rides. She had an absolute blast!
6. She even got her face painted for the first time, she was so tickled that she started dancing up the midway, silly girl.

Yesterday we had family pictures taken (finally!) so I hope to share some of those with you soon! Happy Sunday!

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