Sunday, August 5, 2012

insta-pics #21

1. Remember I went to Mary Poppins last week, this is a pic of the crew that went: my mom-in-law, my sis-in-law and four of her kids (and me of course!). It was a fantastic  show!

2. S and I went to the grocery store alone, she was happy to help and wheel around the basket.

3. While out for a walk this past week, a momma moose and her two babies freaked me out by running beside me, a hedge of trees between us, but still too close for comfort. I had the girls in a stroller and didn't quite know what to do if she decided to charge so I froze. They then cut in front of me and ran down the walking path (trying to find a way out of the residential area). After I knew we were out of harms way I tried to take a pic.... and it's brutal, but if you look really hard you can see two little dots (the babies) in the middle of the path and a darker shadow on the side (the momma).

4. Little miss couldn't stay awake any longer while at the park.

5. We had a pizza party picnic lunch at the spray park this week with a bunch of friends. Notice T's hair-do, first time with pig tails!

6. If you thought I had a thrill seeking 13 month old last week...check this out...yup, climbing up the slide. Thanks to the big sis for that!

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Oh, my! I would have been freaked out by the momma and baby moose too...especially with having the girls there! You just never know what a momma animal will do when it comes to their glad that she didn't charge you all! Also, loooove T's little pony tails...adorable!! :)


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