Monday, April 16, 2012

insta-pics #8 .... just a little late.

So I got back yesterday from a week long trip out at my parents house. It was great but I am glad to get back into my everyday routine. I'm a sucker for organization. Anyways I was able to edit my picture last night and then decided to go to sleep rather than write the post, hence why it is a day late.

Here are my pics from this past week:

1. Driving to Saskatchewan.
2. S and my nephew had a lot of fun on my dad's kabota.
3. S at the Disney Store taking it all in.
4. I want one of these dolls so bad, they are adorable!
5. Both girls fell asleep in the stroller while my mom, sister and I shopped.
6. I came home to a package containing the stitch swap piece that I received, a cute lil owl. See what I sent here.

Sorry no pics from Easter, those are all on my camera. You will be seeing some soon though because I need to share the girls Easter dresses...

Happy Monday!!

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