Sunday, April 1, 2012

Insta-pics #6

1. Hubby, baby and I spent the day in the city while the busy two year old stayed with some friends. It was kinda weird just being the three of us.

2. I bought some new runners and plan to start running again...regularly... soon.... I was told blogging about it will make it happen, something about putting your goals out in public. haha.

3. A new game that the girls have discovered. S loves to pull T around on her favorite blanket and T just giggles. They have lots of fun and are supervised of course!

4. It has been nice out lately so I haven't been hauling T around in her carseat. She loves to sit in the shopping cart and look around... S also enjoys the extra space she has when the carseat isn't there. It all makes for a much more enjoyable Walmart outing.

Happy Palm Sunday!!....and April Fools Day!

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  1. Great pics, Justine! Love the one of your girlies playing with the blanket - so fun!! Kiddos giggling is one of the BEST sounds in the world, isn't it?? :)


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