Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Craftin with my Girlie

The other day while baby was sleeping I decided to let S do a small project on her own. When I saw this toddler craft via pinterest, I knew she would love it.
Thanks to Pink Pistachio for the great idea!

It's just simply filling a small bottle with water and letting the child fill it with small items. I let her put in beads, some normal and some shaped as animals or objects. 

Her favorite part was to watch them float to the bottom.

 After she was done putting in the beads I added glitter. 
I let her pick the color, of course she chose pink.

She really enjoyed searching for the objects after we were all done.
She also liked to shake it up and see the glitter cloud up the water.

A great craft for my lil girlie! 
...Although now she keeps asking to open it so we can add more beads, haha.

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