Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Young Love

I thought this idea was so great.
It's not only stitching on paper (which I like to do for scrapbook layouts) 
BUT it is also your classic sign of young/blissful/cheesy LOVE.

Let's face it, some of us marrieds like to think back to those dating days when there was: 
giddiness, lots-a-handholdin, endless conversations about nothing, 
corny romantic gestures, efforts to impress, no bills, 
no diapers, no crying/screaming but oh-so-cute children, etc. etc.

Not saying that me and hubby don't have our romantic moments, because we do!
It's just different, more mature.....
maybe instead of young love we have a middle age love, haha!
(Not old because we are still learning new things about each other, 
....especially on this crazy ride called 'parenthood'!)

Anyways when I saw a piece of woodgrain paper in my scrap bin, I quickly snatched it up. I trimmed it to 5x7 and hand drew the heart and initials on ( I choose to use my maiden name initials just to add whimsy), I then stitched with bright red embroidery thread. It is now framed and looking pretty in my living room!

I Love you CK!!

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  1. I love this! young blissful cheesiness is the BEST! I have this written in chalk in our house. It reminds me of the 50's and how maybe my hubby would have done this to a tree or something.Thanks so much for linking up to the Feature Friday Linky Party!

  2. I love this :) so cute & easy! good follower here :)



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