Monday, February 20, 2012

Problem solved...

This is Ariel.

She is often found around our house like this:

 I usually don't care whether S's dolls have clothes or not but lately she has wanted to take Ariel EVERYWHERE! I prefer them to be clothed when we are out in public and that dang little bikini top is hard to find when your in a rush.

This is my solution.

 nailpolish :)

I drew on lines before hand because I didn't want the nail polish to show when she is wearing the cloth bikini.

What girl doesn't enjoy a new swimsuit?
Now Ariel gets to sport hers ALL the time and I don't have to search high and low for that itsy bitsy teeny weeny purple shell bikini!

The Little Mermaid is my favorite princess Disney movie and was my first ever movie seen in theater.

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  1. Ha! Ha! So funny and so BRILLIANT!! :)

  2. That is such a great idea! It was the first theatre movie you saw!! that is pretty cool!

  3. it is a doll - what is wrong with it not having a top on? I have to agree with the friend of mine who posted this on facebook - this shows a repressed and unhealthy attitude towards boobs.

    1. First off, there is nothing wrong with it not having a top on...but if you are in the middle of a store and your three year old starts screaming because she just noticed Ariel doesn't have her top on... that is where the problem comes in.....nothing to do with an "unhealthy attitude towards boobs". Get real, this is a light hearted craft blog, not a cultural commentary. Therefore any other comments related to this will be deleted here on after.

      And second, maybe ask the blog authors actual opinion (not to mention permission) about sharing my 'assumed' views on facebook or any other public site.

    2. I completely agree with you, in a world where modesty has gone out the window, there is nothing wrong with teaching our kids that it's ok to be covered in certain areas. Great job and I only wish I had thought of this myself years ago :)

  4. Great Idea! Nothing like having a meltdown in the store b/c you don't have all the pieces to something! Will definitely have to remember this! TFS

  5. Thts right Justine!!! That was the craziest statement I've ever heard!! Idiots...they're everywhere lol. What's wrong with teaching ur lil girl alil modesty even if its her doll. Even she knows Ariel always has on her top. This is for enjoyment of sharing ideas for DIY etc...not to harp on things that bear no meaning on the subject. Pinterest is to get away from all that crap!!! It's for FUN!!! I thk you had a great idea, don't worry bout the idiots there's always got to be one in the

  6. You're very welcome. I was reading ur tip bout putting the nail polish in the make-up container. I have a lil 3yr old gr-daughter who loves make-up and will mess yours up in a second if ur not watching her lol that would be a grt idea for me to fix her up some of those. Thank you, dovie I post under Tuesday morning.


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