Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Guess what?....I'm so Crafty I make People!

So I decided to share my news with the blogging world, I am expecting our second child!!(someone had guessed earlier in the diaper bag post, but I didn't want to give up my secret just yet) I'm Due at the beginning of July! I had my first ultrasound today and got to see the little sweetie kickin' and movin' around, which was pretty exciting because my daughter was always asleep during her ultrasounds! Here's a picture of me taken yesterday, I am 19 weeks!

I'm getting pretty excited about decorating the babies room, but as we are not finding out the gender it is making things a little tricky! My daughter has been in a gender neutral room since she has been born so I am looking forward to decorating her big girl room as well! I love when my daughter naps, so I can get projects done, but I am slowing down because I too need a nap! Luckily she still has two naps a day(knock-on-wood, cross-the-fingers...and toes!) and I only have one! So many projects so little time....

Isn't this just awesome! The inspiration for my title, curtesy of google images.I first saw this as a friends facebook profile picture, I just love it!

Just had to share this pic of my little-big girl yesterday in her Valentine's Day outfit!

Hope everyone had a romantic Valentine's day with your sweetheart!

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  1. WOO HOO!! I am soooo excited and happy for you, Justine!! Congrats on baby #2 - what a wonderful blessing!! Adorable pics of both you and your sweet little girl...also I LOVE the pregnant "Rosie the Riveter" image - very fun! Enjoy your little ones 'cause they grow up so very fast! You'll blink your eyes and they'll be 21 like my Justin is now! :)



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