Monday, November 4, 2013

The year of many Costumes

I figured I better get on a halloween costume post. 
It only took me one large cup of Javita coffee (yes a shameless plug) and a whole lot of pics to go through and edit. The girls had multiple costumes this year, for different reasons. The first being they both wanted to be Jessie from Toy Story.
We went to the  annual halloween dance and T got to be the first to wear the coveted costume. 
S was happy to be a poodle skirt wearin' 50's girl (a costume my mom picked up somewhere).
For the Jessie costume I opted for the generic store bought costume borrowed from a friend and I followed the same tutorial as last year with a little improv on the bangs to make a Jessie wig.
Cute huh?


I managed to find an adult size Woodie costume at a garage sale for a buck so I wore the ever so flattering (NOT!) costume to match my lil girlie.

Hubby was unable to join us this year so that was kind of a bummer. 
Regardless the kids and I had a blast at the dance. It was a lot of fun!

On to the next costume...
S is part of a church kids club, anyone familiar with Awana? 
I was told that the kids could dress up as either a Bible character or an animal. Since neither Jessie or a 50's girl fit the bill, I threw together a cute mouse costume. Using the ears and tail that I had made a couple years back
Long story short, she ended up being the only kid dressed up!!!  
But she had lots of fun telling people she was the little mouse that lived in the stable where Jesus was born.

Then finally it was trick-or-treating day!
S got to be Jessie and T was a little puppy (familiar?).


 Of course the girls got tons of candy (which is actually perfect timing since they are my bribing tool for potty training). The weather was awesome and the kids were in bed by 7:45! A win,win,win!

 We also managed to get in a lil crafting Thursday afternoon. 
I was babysitting my friends little girl and we made toilet paper roll mummies and baby food jar jack o' lanterns.


And finally just because I have to brag up my super talented sister, here is my nephew and niece in their Pirate and Little Mermaid costumes. 

For the mermaid hair she used the same tutorial as I did for the Jessie and Rapunzel wig. I asked her if she had used any other tutorials to help her make the 100% homemade costumes and she said everything else came from her Noggin. 
Like I said SUPER talented!

Overloaded with cuteness yet?
Happy Monday!

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