Saturday, October 26, 2013

Canvas: Love and Be loved


Yet another project that I did awhile ago but has not made it to the blog until now. But it was a work in progress.... Let me explain.

I wanted a painting for in our main floor bathroom. I picked a quote and decided on a seafoam green as my background color with a hint of light pink and white as accents (colors on the photos are off a bit).
Using my Cricut I cut out vinyl and originally had it looking like this:

Boring and not exactly what I was looking for, 
so it sat for a few weeks while I pondered what to do.

I eventually decided to paint over the vinyl doing the reverse stencil technique. But some of the paint leaked under the letters making it almost unreadable.
So I then outlined each letter with a sharpie pen which took forever awhile.
Finished it off with some whimsical white dots and I am now satisfied with the outcome.

 And yeah the pictures are crappy...still making due with my Iphone and a borrowed point and shoot (which was dropped in mud this summer). 
I have been doing some research, but any suggestions on a good camera??

Happy Saturday!


  1. I love that you share your projects with us, enjoy your many talents Justie, because they are a true gift from God. Love you lots.

    1. Thanks so so much! .....You should give me your name or intials at the end of your post so I know who this is...Obviously someone close to me and I have a couple guesses...haha

  2. Love the quote. What a good and true reminder to see everyday.


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