Thursday, September 12, 2013

Princess and the Frog Birthday Party


My big girl turned 4 last week! She starts preschool next week and my heart is feeling a wee bit heavy with the thought of her growing up so fast.
I'll stop right there as I will most likely become a blubbering mess.
On with the party....

This year S requested a princess party. I was all over that seeing as last year we went with more of a 'boy' theme of a Pir-ette Party.
As there were going to be boys still attending this princess party I wanted to incorporate a part for them (something different than just a prince or a knight) so a Frog was the perfect solution not to mention cute and fun to decorate with.
Have a look at S's,

Princess and the Frog Birthday Party
(not the Disney version, more of The Frog Prince classic)





We had 15 kids (2 are missing from this pic) and 7 adults....that's what I call a party!

Take home treats: little frogs, gummy frogs, and a necklace. As well they got to take home their crafts.

It was such a great party! She had so much fun!

Some details, inspiration and links:

- Invitiations inspired by a pin I didn't pin and now can't find (err).
- Plastic table cloth folded to become table skirt, tutorial at That's my Letter.
- Crowns for curtain ties, idea from Bubbly Nature Creations.
- Beads hanging from chandelier inspired by this pin from The Party Press.
- Glitter Crowns and Frog foam stickers (on invites) from Walmart.
- Foam Crowns, stick-on Jewels (used to decorate crowns and on utensils), Fake lilies and reeds, Foam Bears(frogs), Googly eyes and 'tongues' from Dollarama.
- I painted some Kerr jars gold with Krylon metalic spray paint.
- I made crowns for various frogs from an old Christmas glitter bow, which I cut apart and hot glued.
- Tissue pompoms tutorial from Martha Stewart Crafts.
- Birthday banner I made for a previous party.
- I made soup for lunch as well as various snacks and treats. Including jello-jigglers in shape of lips and chocolate covered oreos.
- For activities the kids decorated crowns, made frogs with stick out tongues and I read them the story 'Kiss the Frog'. We had a lot of fun!

If you're interested, check out the rest of my parties.


  1. You are so unbelievable Justie, I'm sure your girls think these parties are normal,BUT THEY ARE JUST VERY SPECIAL, DO BLOGS LAST FOREVER? opps pressed the wrong key again, anyway you know what I mean. Thanks for the tour.

    1. Thanks! I have a lot of fun planning them :) And I'm not sure if blogs last forever...we'll see ;)


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