Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Perler Bead Keychains

I had my friends kids over a couple of weeks ago and I had been feeling like we needed to craft something. They are older, ranging in age from 8-12, so they needed something a bit more complex then my usual kids crafts
With all the Perler action over at Pink Stripey Socks (I'm talking stuff like Bracelets and Bowls, among others....this girls got creativity and a whole lotta beads!), 
I thought why not do some funky designs and make keychains/zipper pulls.
All you have to do is leave one bead out near to one corner so you can thread the key ring through.
I did some too, I couldn't help myself. 
I used a cross stitch pattern from Pixel Power to make a mini Jack Sparrow. I also made some other random ones.
The Pencil and smiley face were made by the oldest girl, she had plans to put them on her backpack.


I've had the heart hanging in my vehicle for awhile but figured it could also fit in with this post. 
Another idea for ya, now get some Perler beads and craft!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I remember these!!!! What a throwback!!!

  2. Wait ... Does that make me old? Lol

  3. Really, really cute. The pencil is awesome and the pirate made me laugh out loud. ;).


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