Sunday, September 22, 2013

insta-pics #54

Not doing great at keeping up with my insta-pic posts, oops. Anyways...

- The girls and I went to a park in town that has no play sets just green space, it was nice for a change. They loved to watch the fountain.
- We did some baking to give to some neighbors. T was quite into it.
- S started Preschool this last week, more pics coming.
- I treated myself to a new scentsy plugin. I love it! Especially since it has a yummy fall scent in it (Cider Mill).
- T decided to do some art work on a closet door. Apparently the white was to much to handle, it needed some color.
- Hubby had been busy prepping our yard for sod, which came Friday, yay!!

- oh ya, and we had fun with a wig....since the halloween stuff is now out!

We are still trying to soak up what we have left of the nice weather. 
I think we are going hiking today after church to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and colors. 
I love this time of year!
Happy Sunday!

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