Sunday, December 30, 2012

insta-pics #39 and #40

 I never got around to posting last week in all the pre-Christmas hustle and bustle and I couldn't stand ending the year off on #39.  So it's a double week (again... sigh) but lets pretend I posted 39 last week and 40 this week Ok? Great.
Let's get on with it...

 insta-pics #39
 1. Recieved my first homemade Christmas decoration from S, with help from her Awana leader. Many more of these type of things in my future, yay!
2. My lil baby is growing up. She sat at the counter with big sister for lunch and loved it!
3. S was my shopping partner for some last minute things and she fell asleep between stops while reading a book. So sweet.
4. I lucked out on the local garage sale page and got a large vintage pyrex bowl to match a small one I already had (which was also found at a garage sale). Score! 
5. My muffin tin advent calendar became empty way to quickly. Seriously, where does the time go???
6. My little sweetie wore my old Christmas dress to church on the 23rd (which my mom made). Pretty darn cute, even if she looked straight from the 80's!

 insta-pics #40
1. I attempted to rock some yellow (via my headband and jeans). Verdict is still out on whether I pulled it off or not.
2. After finishing all my Christmas present crafting and baking I decided to start a new cross stitch just for me. It's been a fun project to work on during the holidays.
3. Familiar with Zoolander? T is pulling off 'Blue Steel' quite nicely....and her hair cracks me up daily, man does that kid have a mop!
4. Again sitting up to the counter, sisters having a snack.
5. Yesterday we spent the afternoon with friends behind our house playing on the pond rink. S even tried skating for the first time!
6. That same afternoon the girls getting a ride in the sled around the rink. It was so nice to have some warmer weather for a change.

Well that concludes my insta-pics for the 2012 year!
  I plan on taking the rest of the year off. See you in 2013!
Happy Sunday!

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