Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Toques and Mitts from Old Sweaters!

 Yay we are into fall!! Fall is my favorite season. I love the crisp fresh air, the changing leaves, layering an outfit with sweaters and scarfs, and bringing out the boots! I even buy something from the back to school supplies for myself! (nothing quite like opening up a new package of pencil crayons!) Besides the odd warm day, it has become quite chillly here. And a couple of weeks ago I went digging in my old clothes pile to make some cute toques and mitts for the girls (inspiration from Make It Love it) in preparation for fall.
Above is the two sweaters I used. I was still wearing the heart one, but when I realized I had bought it probably in grade 11, I figured it was time to repurpose it! haha.
And this is what I made them into.

For the toques I simply folded the sweater in half (right sides together). Drew around a bowl on the bottom of the sweater. Pinned into place and stitched on the line, cut out leaving a bit of fabric on the outside of the line, and then flipped right side out.

 For T's mittens I just guessed, but for S's I traced around her hand on paper. Cut out and pinned to the cuff of the sweater (which was inside out). I wanted the cuffs of the mittens to be long (either to go under a jacket, to stay on, or to be folded over). I stitched around the outside of the paper, cut out and flipped right side out.

Aren't they cute?

 I added a pink fabric flower to T's toque as well. I also made another green toque that was much to small, so it will either go to my little niece or become a dolly toque. 
Of course this didn't use up all of the sweater material, a post coming soon on what else it became! 
(...come on I couldn't just throw it in the garbage!)

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  1. You always amaze me!! Terrific way to "upcycle" your old sweaters!! Thanks for the tutorial...I may have to try my hand at this and make a set for my 3 year old niece Kayle Ann. :)


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