Friday, September 28, 2012

Pirate Party: How To's

Here's a closer look at how I did some of the projects for the Pir-ette Party.

Pirate Props
No Sew Pirate Flag: 
You'll need: Black Felt, Red Felt, marker and Glue Gun 

- Cut out a large rectangle of black felt making one side jagged ( my flag measured approx. 3 ft x 4ft)
- Draw a number/letter with a marker onto red felt and cut out
- Hot glue number/letter onto black felt
- hang or prop up with sticks in desired location
No-Sew Eyepatch:
You'll need: Black felt, black thin elastic, and glue gun

- measure around a childs head with the elastic, cut a length so that it will be snug.
-  fold over the felt and cut a patch shape (giving you two identical shapes)
- Hot glue the ends of the elastic to one piece of felt, making sure the ends are touching
-  take the other piece of felt and hot glue on top of the other, hiding the elastic ends in between the two layers.

Telescope from recycled materials:
You'll need: Toilet paper rolls, Yogurt drink containers (Danino brand fits perfectly, not sure how the others would), duct tape, and spray paint.

- cut out the bottoms of the drink containers
- put container inside toilet paper roll so that it is snug, duct tape in place
- spray paint.
* the spray paint did start to scratch off of the plastic container eventually, I was just happy they held up for the party. Wasn't intending for long term use.

Pirate Costume

No-Sew Pirate Shirt:
You'll need:  a white tshirt in the child's size, scissors and red ribbon. 

- cut the sleeves jagged and cut off the collar
- cut a slit going down the middle (about 4 inches down)
- cut small holes on either side of the slit and weave a piece of ribbon through, starting at the bottom and tying together at the top.

You'll need: Elastic top Long sleeve shirt close to childs size and sewing machine.

- cut open the sides of the shirt at the seam as well as on the seam of the arms
- sew together the one side of the arm to the adjacent side piece. (a total of 4 lines of stitching) Look at picture below.
 * For the sash I just used a thick strip of black fabric.

Hopefully these mini-tutorials will be helpful if you end up planning your own Pirate Party! 
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