Tuesday, September 4, 2012

3 - a letter to my little girl

My little girl where has the time gone? It seems like I was just planning your 2nd birthday party, now we are celebrating your 3rd. Who hit fast forward?
I am told that once school starts, time will go even faster (and those years are fast approaching!).
I am truly blessed to have such a sweet and caring child. I am so impressed with how you act around T. You are such a fantastic big sister, you include T so often in your games of make believe and lately you've been helping her learn to walk (so sweet, it melts my heart). You also make sure she is included with any treats or kisses that are given by others. At your age it is really something special.
You have become my little helper, my side kick. You are always there to lend me a hand, whether it be grabbing the broom and 'sweeping' or a cloth and 'cleaning'. Your favorite though, is probably helping me make popcorn. You like to draw pictures for me, cuddle and give me extra, unexpected kisses. 
It has been so great to watch you gain independence. Although I do like to help, you haven't let me, saying a very firm 'no mommy, it's my turn'. The way your face lights up when you do it yourself...well, it's priceless!
You love to dance, watch shows, swim, play dress-up, play house (watching you be a little mommy is precious), read, and go for walks. 
You are so full of energy and love. Your beautiful brown eyes just make me smile.
I love you little girl. Time go slow.


  1. Happy birthday Sadie!!

  2. Beautiful letter...brought tears to my eyes! If only the moments of time would slow down...my son will be 23 next month, and it seems like only yesterday when we were celebrating his 3rd birthday with a circus party complete with a clown appearance! :)

    Wonderful photo of Sadie, too!! ADORABLE!!


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