Sunday, July 29, 2012

insta-pics #20

1. We went camping last weekend in the mountains. When we arrived it was pouring rain. I took a pic of the girls watching the campsite get set up from the comfort of our truck.
2. Our Bro-in-law built a sauna on the edge of the creek. He heated up rocks (they were so hot, they were glowing red!) and placed them in the shelter and then we poured water on them for the steam. We would get so hot we'd run out and jump in the creek. The perfect ending to a day of quadding.
3. I tried out this recipe for Churro cookies....they don't live up to an actual churro, but they are ok.
4. S found a pair of T's jammies that used to be hers and she likes to wear them now, despite that they are too short/tight/small.
5. My lil daredevil.
6. As soon as the girls were down for nap, I checked the mail....I was pleasantly surprised and instantly my plans changed from cleaning house to enjoying a cup of coffee while reading on the couch (smile).

Today I'm headed to the city to go to Mary Poppins, I'm soo excited! 
Do you have any special plans? Happy Sunday!


  1. What a great time you had camping with your family. Hope you enjoyed Mary Poppins and your week.

  2. So funny - I bought the "One Yard Wonders" book for my SIL for her birthday this month! How was Mary Poppins?? That Disney movie is one of my all time faves!! :)


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