Thursday, July 12, 2012

insta-pics #18

How about insta-pics in the middle of the week? 
A little late (skipped 2 sundays) and a little early (can't wait til this sunday).

On that note, I have been MIA these last couple weeks. What was supposed to be a two night camping trip ended up being close to two weeks. Due to awesome weather and tons of fun we extended our stay. My Homemade Bread post was scheduled so I hope that sufficed while I was away. I took most of my camping pics with my regular camera but I did manage to get a couple with my phone. 

Here's the latest:

1. Our friend Travis came over for supper and brought S play-doh. He was so sweet he even played with her. He has won her over for sure!
2. I whipped up a few slow cooker freezer meals (from Here and Here) awhile back. Recently we tried out the Teriyaki Chicken. It was good but I think it needs more sauce.
3. The girls chillin in the campsite.
4. I've been rockin the sock-donut bun lately. I originally got the idea from the lovely Natasha over at Little Pink Monster.
5. T got her first haircut on one of our stops at home..... I'm a horrible hairdresser....
6. I was able to french braid S's hair, Yay! It was the perfect camping-do.
p.s. sorry for the 'hair' theme going on here...
7. T loved her noodles, while camping anything goes.
8. Me and my sweetie cuddling by the fire.
9. Baby practicing her balance/standing on the beach.


  1. Glad you had fun on your trip!

  2. What a great camping trip...looks like so much fun! I've gotten behind in my blog posting and commenting too...oh, well, it's summertime, right?? ;) Those little french braids in Sadie's hair are just the little curls at the ends - precious!!


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