Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Story of Us Coloring Book

While I was packing to move I found our wedding box (filled with photos, programs, special mementos, etc.). Since it was just our anniversary on Saturday, I decided to peruse through it and I came across this:

I made these coloring books to give to all the kids that would be at our wedding, along with a little baggy of crayons. Even if you attended our wedding you might not have seen these if you did not have a child with you. It was fun to draw out the story of us, a great project. Have a look:

Cute huh?

It was as simple as:
- Using a computer to print out pages with the words.
- drawing the pictures in pencil and then outlining with a sharpie.
- Take the pages to a photocopier and make however many copies.
- fold the sheets in half, assemble the book, and staple at the spine.

And it was such a hit with all the kids, who sat and colored during the toasts and such.
It was neat to stumble upon this and I'm glad that I could share it with you.
It's such an easy project.  I was thinking about making personalized ones like these for the girls (for a road trip, special vacation, or just for fun). 

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  1. Best idea for wedding favor to date. Love that's it hanade and tells the story.

  2. I love this idea! I am totally pinning this for my next friend that gets married! Maybe I'll even make a similar book for a family holiday party or my daughter's graduation or something!

  3. Justine, I think this is the absolute greatest idea for a kids wedding favor! You are just so clever and talented!! Someday, when my son gets married - not that there are any prospects on the horizon soon for that LOL! - I will have to do something like this! :) You always WOW me!!

  4. I agree with Amy...this is very cool idea for a wedding! My kids would love it.


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