Sunday, June 17, 2012

insta-pics #16

Sorry I didn't have time to do my insta-pics last week. And this week I didn't take many pics, so here are the two weeks combined:

1. Moving Day! ......Even after our garage sale we still have too much stuff!
2. S was babysat for moving day, but T was my lil packing buddy...for the record she was in a horrible mood all day, she should have went to Auntie's too!
3. Princess T, she was so proud of her crown, haha.
4. Hubby and I had a day alone last Saturday in the city. We went for lunch at Milestones and had the Top Chef Canada menu items. Soo good. It is one of our favorite shows to watch together (that's where we got T's name even) so it was fun to try the food.
5. My two cuties helping me get groceries.
6. Nothing beats a good manicure, my two year old agrees!

Hope you all have a great day celebrating the special daddies/papas/grandpas in your life!! Happy Sunday!

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  1. Yeah!!! Moving day has come and gone!! (I know how crazy that can be...we bought a new home and moved 6 years ago this month, after living in our former home for 12 years...we had SO MUCH stuff, so my "purge mode" kicked in!)

    Love how both the girls can fit in the seat part of the shopping cart...that is just adorable! :)

    Have a great week!


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