Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Look

I have been making over my blog this last little while. It has taken me so long because I am trying to do all of it myself. Using programs like Picasa, Picnik, and Photobucket while reading blogs that have posted wonderful tutes (and some not so wonderful) on how to do computer things DIY style.
It's been an interesting/frustrating/educational/fun journey

I'm not extremely satisfied with the new look of the blog,

....there it is!
I know part of it is because I forgot to take a screen shot of the old look, and I reeaalllyy wanted one. I'm sentimental like that, seeing how far a person (or blog) has come through pictures. So I'm kinda bummed about that (Justine, suck it up and get over it, i know i know). 
Another part is I'm not sure about the yellow.... jury is still out on that one.
I wasn't sure about my header either, but I think I am happy with it now. I think adding the pictures personalized it a bit more and made it not so simple and boring.
Give me some feedback, what are your thoughts on the new look?

Anyways here are some of the details about the changes here on Kerr-afty Creations.

- I did the background image by taking a picture then following this tutorial.
- I used Picnik(back before it closed) to create my header, titles, and buttons.
- my new blog button/badge was designed by Jamie of The Letter Four. She also designed me a header which has made an appearance, but I'm not sure if it fits in with the new look either.
- I moved my pages and social media links to my sidebar using this tutorial from one of my fave blogs Sweet Verbena.
- I added an About Me section (and hopefully soon a Tutorial section for easy access).
- Made up some buttons for the favorite/popular posts through Picasa (which haven't made their way to my sidebar yet...).
- changed to the blogger simple layout rather than the picture window design.
- lastly I added a favicon (that pretty image to the left of my web address) using this tutorial.

This has been a fun work in progress, thanks for bearing with me!


  1. Wow! I'm impressed! I have no idea what any of that means, but I always enjoy your blog! M

  2. I really like the new layout, I've been meaning to tell you that for a while! I really like how you added the pictures to your header, I like it better than just having text. As far as the yellow goes, I've been on a yellow kick lately so I think it's great! I would LOVE a new blog layout, mine just doesn't feel right and I want it to reflect more of me. I think you have done a great job!

  3. LOVE IT!! The new look is very cheery and summery looking! I've been wanting to change my blog up a bit and add a tutorial button so that all of my tutes will be in one easily accessable place for readers...maybe now that I'm on summer break I'll be able to tackle that project. :) Thanks for sharing the how-to links...I'll be sure to check them out!

  4. I am so impressed that you are doing it all yourself! I think that the changes you have made are fun and look amazing!


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