Saturday, May 26, 2012

A gift for twin girlies


A friend of mine just recently had twin girls... and when I say recently I mean like a couple months ago.  
Where does the time go?
 ...Anyways I was finally able to give her the present I had for them (after a couple weeks spent in my car). 
Here's the goodies I made for them:

 A little birdie told me the girls' room was owl theme, so I just had to use an owl momma and baby stamp for the card. So sweet.

For the gift, I repainted a frame (that I had found on sale after Christmas) added some chipboard letters and a flower. The babies have already had their first photo shoot so I'm sure my friend will have no problem filling it!

 Here's what the frame used to look like, except it was white with red writing:

Like I said in this post, I also made them each a lil owl stuffie with a rattle inside.

I also had a couple of birthdays this last little while and I had made gifts too but totally forgot to take pictures (silly me). I painted One little girl a monogram canvas with ladybugs on it and I also made two monogrammed cushions (kind of like this one) to give to two other little girls. 
I think giving homemade adds such a personal touch. I know I enjoy recieving homemade gifts!

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