Sunday, May 13, 2012

insta-pics #12

Happy Mothers Day!! 
Especially to my Mom... who I didn't see today, does a phone call count?
Love you Mom! Wish I could have brought you breakfast in bed this morning!

Instead I was able to spend it with my other mom (the hubby's) and it was fantastic. We had a beautiful day with family at my in-laws farm. S was totally tuckered out from running around with her cousins, but I could have chatted with the Kerr women all evening. It is always fun to get together (between my husband and his two sisters there are twelve kids! So it is always a lil chaotic but a blast). 

...So my day was great, and if you're a mom, I hope yours was too!

On to the pics...
1. More lovely fabric to add to my growing stash.
2. My lil future blogger.
3. When S is away, T and I go to Walmart and try on hats, teehee.
4. Mothers Day flowers from the hubby and the girls. I was quite surprised and impressed.... although he admitted that he had forgotten about Mothers Day until yesterday when he went to get groceries and saw a huge flower display, and wondered what the heck was up. Hey, I got flowers out of it so I'm happy, haha.

This week I will be hosting my first giveaway, stay tuned (smiles)

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day!! Love the pics...the one of T with the hat is just toooo toooo cute!! :)


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