Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Somethin' Different

To take a break from my card set posts, I thought I would share another project I've been working on. I did this embroidery piece before Christmas and have been undecided on what to do with it from this point. My thoughts are either to frame it or to get some fun fabric together and make a cushion cover....any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!


  1. I like the pillow idea personally

  2. I really love this quote...I'll have to file it away in my "quote collection"! Depending on the size of your fabric you could make a cute wall hanging out of it to display in your crafting area. You could fold the top edge over and stitch to form a pocket to slide a painted dowel rod into, and attach a wooden "finial" to the ends of the rod. You could fray the bottom end of the wall hanging, or fold and stitch the bottom end to match the top edge. :)

  3. Thanks Ladies for your advice! Feedback is always fabulous!!
    Laur- I've been leaning towards the pillow myself Becky- A wall hanging never even crossed my mind, thanks for another great idea!


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