Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Both Gifts are YUMMY!

Does my mother in law know me or what? As a little Christmas gift she gave me the latest Vanity Fair magazine featuring the flaming hot Johnny Depp as well as two appropriately named chocolate bars. Johnny Depp is so stinking good looking! I admitted that I almost bought the magazine for myself but reasoned that buying it for the cover picture alone wasn't a viable excuse. So I was pumped when she bought it for me! The chocolate bars were named Eclipse and New Moon, which as a Twilight fan I appreciated, besides who can go wrong with chocolate! A perfect little gift from my wonderful mom-in-law!


  1. haha those are so perfect for you!

  2. love this! i got nail polish and chocolates for my birthday and felt soo luxurious! haha.. enjoyyy :)


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