Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Cottage

I recently bought two little house's at Liquidation World for $1 each, with plans in mind to paint and change the look completely. One I wanted to make into a haunted house for halloween (which I'll work on next fall) and the other to be a Christmas cottage. This is that house!

I'm not sure if it is completely done yet, I might add some sprinkling of white paint on the roof...still pondering that idea. Below is a 'Before' shot of the houses together. I started painting it brown before I realized I didn't have a before shot, so that is why it is accompanied by the other one. The Christmas cottage started out as a white building with a green roof.

The finished product (so far)

A closeup of the snowman I made to sit on the front. Just felt and polyester fluff for the body and nose and embroidery floss for the eyes and scarf.

I was super lucky to find some mini-mini lights in the ceramic village area in Walmart for only $3 and they are battery operated so they actually work!! It looks pretty neat on my mantel at night.

Thanks for looking! Today is December 1st so it is official decorating day for me! So I need to get busy! Have a great day yourself!

*Update #1* Check out the Halloween Haunted House

* Update #2* Linked to these parties Fall 2011:

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  1. WOW! What a steal that you got those cute little houses for only a buck apiece! I love what you did in creating a Christmas cottage...can hardly wait until fall to see how you decorate the other one for Halloween!


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