Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm Playing the Grinch Game!

Who doesn't love the green guy with the heart two sizes to small and his adorable one horned side kick Max? How The Grinch Stole Christmas is the epitome of a classic Christmas tale.
What better way to relive the story then a Grinchy give away! The lovely people over at A Fairy Creative Place are putting on this game with no purchase necessary and you could win $100 worth of blog candy(Merry Christmas to me if I win!!). The other great thing is that the prize package gets larger when more people join the game! You have nothing to lose head on over, get the badge!

And lets not forget about the super sweet Cindy Lou Who!!

Thanks to the wonderful Becky B. for passing on the news to me!
Hope everyone enjoys these last few hectic days before Christmas!!


  1. Awww - thanks for the "shout out"! Good luck to you!!

  2. Good Luck to you! Thanks for playing along! -Laura Lou Who


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