Monday, December 23, 2013

lets not go ice fishin', how bout we stay inside

So I've been doing some tons of projects for Christmas and I'm pretty close to giving a 100% home made. I kind of feel jipped of the Christmas shopping experience but I'm getting used to the idea especially since I'm not constantly handing over the credit card. 

There is not much I can share with you pre-Christmas but I figured a couple of 3 year old's probably wouldn't be checkin the blog anytime soon.
For our nephews I made them each a magnetic fishing set. 
(7 different fish and rod with a worm attached to the end)

Each fish has a washer sewn to the end. The 'worm' is made out of a leftover piece of tights (used for the Jillian Jiggs Pigs) stuffed with two strong, long and skinny magnets which I found at Home Hardware. I quickly whipped up two drawstring bags from fat quarters and threw in each set.

 I don't even need to wrap these gifts, they are good to go.

Happy Friday!

*** Update: I knew I saw this somewhere on Pinterest and I found the pin that was stuck in my head (not on one of my pinboards). Check out Home Stories A2Z's Fish set.


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