Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Advent fun continued

 Well I was able to throw this post together before we dive into our family celebrations. 
Just a few more of the activities we have included in our advent this year (Find the first week HERE).

On the 12th the girls painted wooden ornaments to attach to the gifts we were giving. 
We finished them off with some glitter glue to make em' sparkle.

The next day we did a super simple project, decorating their doors like snowmen!  
Using construction paper and wrapping paper.

 On day 15 we were busy with our church Christmas concert and potluck 
so I planned something easy and relaxing. 
An early present under the tree for the girls to open. 
It was a new Wii game, Just Dance Disney. 
For a 4 year old S is pretty awesome at it already!

On Monday we decorated these mugs and then filled them up with McDonalds hot chocolate.

And earlier today we made snowglobes out of baby food jars. 
Kind of messy with all the glitter but we got through it.

And to finish off the snowglobe theme today I plan on printing out these FREE snowglobe templates from Handmade Charlotte for the girlies to color on.

Happy Wednesday!

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