Thursday, June 20, 2013


Baby Girl is 2 today, TWO! 
(I still baby her even though S was younger than two when T was born.)

Miss independent is full of personality making us laugh constantly. She is our little firecracker, full of attitude and definitely dances to her own tune. Our nickname for her is Crazy T, she climbs/balances/wrestles/runs and in general is nuts. She loves to perform by singing or dancing or being goofie. She has a very tender and loving side too, she loves to cuddle and be cozy. She cares for her many babies and puppies. She is quite particular with which are 'her' toys making sure big sister asks politely before she shares. She loves playing outside and going for walks. She brings so much joy to us, she is such a sweetie and a major blessing! We love ya Baby!

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  1. TWO already??? Good heavens - time sure flies! T is such a cutie-patootie!! Happy Birthday!!!


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