Monday, August 8, 2011

Big Girl Room: Additions and Details

Remember when I first posted the Big Girl Room, well the one wall was still kind of unfinished. I wanted to share with you what her room looks like now:

I added a watercolor painting that I did in Grade 11 and had been in my room at my parents house (which is why it wasn't in the original post, I had to wait for it to come). The painting is based on a picture that I had seen on the internet called 'If I was a mermaid and you were a Unicorn'. If you look at the waters reflection it is just a normal girl and a horse (click on the image to enlarge)... I love it, it's still one of my favorites! Also my dad made the frame for it way back when and I can't bring myself to paint over the natural wood stain.

Above the dresser I added a white shelf which holds another watercolor painting that I did (also in Grade 11) of Bambi and his friend Flower the skunk. I just love Bambi he is so dang cute!

The white blob on the wall just right of the dresser is actually a clay imprint of my daughters hands and feet done when she was a couple of months old.

You may have noticed the cute TV on her dresser in the first post, it is actually a fish tank given to her on her first birthday from grandma and grandpa. To the left of the fish tank is a vintage dish that I found at Value Village for $2 and now holds her soothers (which shouldn't be there for too much longer and will be moved to the nursery). And I'm not a huge fan of winnie but this cuddly bear was given to Sadie from my husbands cousin who shares the same birthday and there is also her birth year printed on Pooh's foot so he has a special spot up on the dresser.

On the opposite wall I changed a few things around as well and wanted to share some details:

Isn't this just the cutest wall sticker, Owls that are just above the headboard of the toddler bed.

Below you may recognize the memory match game from this post. There is also a 3D hand and foot of my little girls on the shelf made from a plaster kit from Michaels.

I'll end things off with this adorable Owl wall sticker that is perched above the light switch, so cute!

Hope you enjoyed seeing some more details from the Big Girl Room! If you missed the first post find it Here.

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  1. ADORABLE!!! You are so the paintings that you did when you were in HS...I'm sure that Sadie looooves her "big girl" room too! :)


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