Monday, October 25, 2010

What Fun!

This past weekend I attended the scrap retreat a local scrapbooking store offers twice a year. It was my fifth time attending. As usual it was fabulous! Nothing beats a weekend surrounded by friends and getting caught up with my scrapbooks. Not to mention getting an amazing goodie bag, being able to shop on site and having meals cooked for you!! It is soo much fun!! Here are a few pics from the weekend:

Packed up and ready to go! No need for running home to get anything, haha.

A view of part of the main scrapping area.

The ladies workin hard.( Notice the Timmies cup? Many runs throughout the day to keep us going til 2am'ish'!)

Had to get a shot of myself scrappin.( The tables to the right is the awesome potluck snack area)

Part of the store, a tab system was set up so that was great!

My friend Jody and I saying goodbye at the end of the weekend :(

Can't wait til March!!!

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