Friday, July 29, 2011

I heart my Heart Punch - Part #1

Like I said in yesterdays post, I'm going to be doing a series featuring the heart punch. It all started when I made these cards (check out the full post Here):

They turned out so cute and of course I have tons of scrap paper that needs to be used up so I decided to do a few more projects. The first being this rainbow hearts wall art:

I loved the look of the rainbow on the cards so I decided to make it into some artwork for in our basement bathroom. A great way to add some cheer to the windowless room.

I found the 16x20 frame at a garage sale for $2 and because it was so big I actually needed to buy some poster board for the hearts to go onto (which was $0.86). A cute project for super cheap!

Since it is the long weekend I won't be able to post Part 2 until Monday night, as we are going to a family reunion. Hope you have good weather where you are, it looks like we are in for some more rain (surprise, surprise). Have a super weekend!


  1. I. Love this idea! Looks great! Hope you have nice weather for your reunion! Can't wait to see what's next!

  2. What a fabulous idea! And I bet that it looks even better in person.

  3. Great project and it looks like you found the perfect spot for it! You are sooooo lucky to be getting hasn't rained here in a very long time...really tough for the farmers in this part of the country.


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