Sunday, November 14, 2010

Woodland Canvas'

Hello Everyone! Sorry for not posting the last couple of weeks, I was away visiting my sister and my brand new nephew!! The project today is a set of three canvas' that I made for his room. My sister had a woodland creature crib set so I thought these cute critters would fit right in! I also made him a couple of plush owls (to be posted soon!).
These were super easy to make. Just paint the background color, cut out random patterned paper ( I made a pattern first to trace around), ink the edges and mod podge it on! These particular canvas' were stapled on the sides so I covered the entire edge with ribbon, a different color and pattern for each canvas (not shown, sorry)! Anyways a great project and a cute addition to a little boys nursery! Thanks for looking!

P.S. Sorry for the lighting, the true colors are quite different...


  1. These are so cute, I love the little owl one!

  2. love these! owls are super cute !


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